Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Goat Whispering

Two new Goat Eater releases are on their way to you very soon.
Fecalove - Forever Young & TIM the Band -Thank You Roland

Any of you who know Goat Eater, or me personally, know of my love for Italy's masturbating disaster aka Nicola Vinceguerra. Not only does he produce some of the most earsplitting and perverse noise but he's also a wonderfully talented artist. Forever Young is much more tense than his previous Goat Eater release Erection but still delivers like a well deserved kick in the balls.

TIM the Band is the work of Dan Pearson and Chris Olsen, two of the most amazingly talented musicians that I've ever come across. Some of you may know Dan Pearson's work as he loaned his lips and lungs for a track on the release of A Taxonomy of Divine Organisms. Thank You Roland is his homage to the late, great Rashaan Roland Kirk and this three track work of multiple horns and loops would surely make him proud.

Both of these CD-Rs will be made in editions of 93 numbered copies and packaged to the usual Goat Eater standard of beauty and perfection.

Coming sooner rather than later, from Hoor-paar-Kraat, are a few cassettes to be issued by Peasant Magik, Acid Casualty Productions and Period Tapes.

Peasant Magik will be releasing Handy Feet a C20, Period Tapes will be releasing an *as of yet untitled* C30, in their usual edition of 46 copies and Acid Casualty Productions will be reissuing Asha-Dasha, on cassette. At very least, this time more than 46 people will get to hear it.

Other releases from Persistence in Mourning, Nicholas Szczepanik, Psychic Fare, Last, etc... are in the works. I'll post more information when I have it.

I O Pan
Anthony Mangicapra