Sunday, March 8, 2009

Release the Press

The Box contemporary art gallery is proud to present the works of artists Duane Hosein and Anthony Mangicapra. This collection of new work will open at the Costa Mesa gallery on Saturday March 21, 2009, from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM. The exhibition will run through May 2, 2009.

The season surrounding the equinox is a time where darkness and light have equal times to co-exist. Artist’s Duane Hosein and Anthony Mangicapra have taken the charge and created an exhibition worthy of this time of change and hope. Above and Below is an exhibition where each artist has researched the underlying concepts of heaven and hell and put those ideas to canvas, paper, and music.

Trinidad born Florida artist Duane Hosein’s pen and ink works are a testament to his mastery and control. “I approach every piece with the fervor of an iron-fisted dictator” Hosein admits, “It is all about the detail. It is tedious, but therapeutic”. His work for Above and Below is the culmination of research into different religious and cultural interpretations of hell and the creatures and experiences that inhabit the demonic region.

New York artist Anthony Mangicapra’s canvases are dedicated to the heavens for this exhibition. After extensive research into canonical, occult, theosophical, and ancient texts, Mangicapra’s works portray the divine as no other artist could capture. “I want to create beauty” Mangicapra says, “but I can’t control that. I am just a conduit for ideas”.

To accompany the artwork, both artists have combined to create a soundtrack under Hoor-paar-Kraat to be released by Goat Eater Arts in concurrence with the exhibition. Mangicapra describes the experience as “painting with sound”, where everyday sounds lose their original qualities and re-emerge manipulated into a new language of meanings.

Background on The Box gallery
The Box gallery is a collaboration between curator and director Johnny Sampson and Splitends owner and stylist Christopher Hall. It is a multi-use space, combining a minimal boutique salon with a contemporary art gallery. Located in the heart of the Costa Mesa SoBeCa district at 765 Saint Clair Ste B, The Box gallery and Splitends offer an unconventional, progressive venue for art and style. For more information, log onto The Box gallery or call 714-724-4633.
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The Box Gallery
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