Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On Peasant Magik, Tape and the Divine

I am proud to announce that both the Turgid Animal and Goat Eater versions of Dionysos/Dionysus are now available. The Goat Eater version released as a CDr in our usual ultra pretentious hand-made packaging, while Turgid Animal has released it as a C40 complete with wine stained table cloth, pieces of a smashed wine bottle and art by the one and only Nicola Vinciguerra
Read what the good folks at Musique Machine had to say about it.

Turgid Animal version

Goat Eater version

As of now, I can only offer the Goat Eater version as I am awaiting the tapes from Turgid Animal headquarters in Italy. Anyone having any experience with the Italian postal service knows that there is absolutely nothing slower. Goat Eater will have copies of the tape but, if you 'd like a copy of the Turgid Animal tape, you can obtain one directly from the label by clicking HERE. Be sure to check out all of their label and distributed items.

The masters for Graduating from Clocks to Watches (Eureka Tapes Vol. II) have made their way back to me after being in the hands of Bob Bellarue (Anarchy Moon/Redglaer) and I am very pleased to say that they have exceeded my expectations in every way. Anyone looking for quality mastering at a very reasonable rate would be wise to contact Mr. Bellarue. 

Though I can give no firm release date for this work, I can say that it should be available in about a month's time.  Art work will be handled by Anthony Mangicapra, design by Brett Slutsky (Last/Acid Casualty Productions) and the over-all release and assembly by Salvatore Giorgi (Pillars of Heaven/Peasant Magik). This release will be issued as a C60 and if Peasant Magik's previous releases are any indication of their future out put, they are certain to look and sound absolutely beautiful.

Duane Hosein and Anthony Mangicapra have recently signed on for an exhibit, March of 2009, at The Box Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA. The theme for their exhibit will be that of Heaven and Hell. Each plane being depicted by one of the artists. Hosein will be reigning in Hell while Mangicapra slaves in Heaven. Both artists have begun to toil away on the visual end and will soon be working on music designed especially to accompany the exhibit. 

We're not very far from our mark needed to press "A Doorbell of Earbows for Brefix" on LP but we still aren't there yet.  In the coming weeks we will be auctioning off some original art, test pressings and other one of a kind Goat Eater related items, in an effort to raise a bit of capitol to get this record pressed.  For now, be sure to check out our distro for Goat Eater tested and approved releases. Very soon, we will be carrying titles by The Monster Women, Psychic Fare and the new Damaged Restrooms compilation featuring The Starving Wierdos, Alpha Information, Plague Lounge and The Pipe(s). 
You can get to our makeshift page by clicking HERE.

Thanks so much for your continued support and friendship.

I O Pan
the Goat Eater Family

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