Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Dash of Asha-Dasha

Asha-Dasha (Goat Eater Arts) 2005

1. The Purifying Order (10:53)
2. Torment Of The Metals (9:31)
3. Iao Habdomai (9:42)
4. Asomatous (Second Fiddle) (4:18)
5. Nine Muses & The Id (4:27)
6. Prepetuum Mobile (13:11)

In a moment of nostalgia, I listened to a piece I created way back in 2005 and had realized how much I still enjoyed it.
I only made 42 copies of it, as I didn't really see the need for any more. Now that I listen to it, I wish I'd made a few more. In fact, I only have one copy. Anyhow, I decided that I'd post the files on the blog, for the few of you who follow it, to download and enjoy.

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