Friday, April 17, 2009

What's in the Works?

After all the dust has settled from the recent flurry of exhibitions, releases, recording, visitors, death, disappointments and cancellations Goat Eater Arts is on track to bring you some new releases from artists you may or may not be familiar with.
We've got 3 new CDr releases on the horizon from the likes of Italy's king of the depraved and perverse Fecalove, Oklahoma's minimalist doom outfit Persistence in Mourning and the inimitable sound sculpture of Nicholas Szczepanik.
More information on these releases will be coming soon. For now, be patient as they'll definitely be worth the wait.

Also in the pipes is Goat Eater's foray into the world of tapes beginning with two we're sure you'll enjoy.
Both releases will be splits between Hoor-paar-Kraat and another artist.

First will be the long overdue split between HpK and long time friend and collaborator Richard Vergez also known under the moniker of Drowning the Virgin Silence. Both tracks on this split clock in at just over 5 minutes and explore the sillier, more whimsical side of each artist, showing that we don't always take everything so seriously. It is bound to delight and confound the listener and may even be our first shot at pop stardom.

Drowning the Virgin Silence has a new release available. "Under the Sulfur Sky" has just been released by Reverb Worship. Go there to pick it up and have a look at the many other great releases they have in stock.

Second is a split with Eureka, California's Psychic Fare, headed up by Damaged Restrooms label founder, and ex drummer of the now defunct Plague Lounge, Bandon Taylor. Psychic Fare embodies the true meaning of psychedelia and we're proud as hell to be working along side them as they're an incredibly inventive band and wonderful people, to boot.

Psychic Fare is in the process of releasing their second full length, "Wet Wire" a follow up to their debut "The Slow Drag", on their own imprint Damaged Restrooms. Having received an advance copy, we can say, without doubt, that this is a truly captivating and mind blowing experience and we at Goat Eater encourage you to check it out.

Also in the works is the ultimate release of "The Eureka Tapes" (The Complete Recordings) to be issued as a joint effort between Small-Doses & Basses Frequences. This 2 CD set will re-release all eighteen tracks, from the three volumes of the Eureka Tapes; "A Whisper in the Sow's Ear", "Graduating from Clocks to Watches", "The Taxonomy of Divine Organisms" as well as previously unreleased and scarcely available tracks recorded during the same sessions. At this time, this release is still in the planning phases.

That's all for now. Until next time; be just and if you can't be just then be arbitrary.

I O Pan
A. Mangicapra & the Goat Eater family.

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